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Giving Options

***From now on, please use the Green "GIVE" button that appears on each page of our website to give your donation online. We are currently transitioning from My Giving Solutions to RebelGive as our online giving platform. We are here to help. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

-What is RebelGive and why are we changing from My Giving Solutions?

RebelGive is an online giving platform that is simple and intuitive and extremely affordable for all churches. This is from a letter from My Giving Solutions "Technology has continued to change since Giving
Solutions was introduced and it has reached a point where it is not feasible to continue to support the product without a complete re-write and that is not economically feasible.
" Their site will no longer be supported as of May 31st.

-How will this impact the year-end giving statement? Where will I find my giving history?

You will be able to access your 2021, and following, statements if you set up a RebelGive account with your name and email address. We will be working on importing 2021 data into your new account. If you need a previous year's tax statement, please contact Laura in the church office. 

-What payment methods are accepted by RebelGive? Is there any preference?

RebelGive accepts Visa, MasterCard, (debit or credit,) Discover and American Express or ACH from your checking or savings account. The preference is really yours, the giver. However, we recommend using your bank account because there are no transaction fees for you the donor. If you use a debit or credit card, there will be a 1.9% convenience fee added to your transaction, so that Springdale receives 100% of your tithe/offering.

-How do I give from my phone? 

To give from your phone, go to and use the green give button on bottom of the screen. The Giving Flow will open and you can complete your transaction.

-May I continue to give with My Giving Solutions? 

No. Please begin to use the green "GIVE" button immediately, because as of May 31st, My Giving Solutions will no longer exist.

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2. Mail your gift or drop by

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