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Christmas Message Series

If we are honest, I think we would all agree as the saying goes, “Life is not fair.” We live in an imperfect broken world due to the fall of man in the garden of Eden.  There are so many different things that can go wrong and having a perfect pain-free life is a bit unrealistic. Everyone experiences some sort of pain in life. But with the arrival of Jesus in to this world, God has provided us a living hope that despite the issues of life, God can restore our hearts. 

06 Dec

My Hurt for His Healing

9:55 AM

3016 Selma St. Fort Worth, TX 76111

Love relationships were meant to complement and fulfill our lives and yet sometimes we can experience deep emotional pain in those relationships.  How exactly do we get back up? Can we ever love again, trust again, be vulnerable again? God who is love can identify with us, knows exactly how we feel, and he can also heal our hurts.  

13 Dec

My Emptiness for His Fullness

9:55 AM

3016 Selma St. Fort Worth, TX 76111

The cultural tide is strong and influential in pulling us towards things that promise the world to us to only leave us feeling short-changed and empty. Where lays the answer to discovering the real meaning of life that fills the depth of our soul? God promises wholeness like nothing else can. 

20 Dec

My Sadness for His Joy

9:55 AM

3016 Selma St. Fort Worth, TX 76111

What do we do when things didn’t work out the way we planned, the way we prayed, the way we expected? Will we ever experience joy when our circumstances seem overwhelming? Is it possible for success to come through the back door of failure? God strengthens us to overcome and smile again.