Guest Speaker, Ravi Balmiki


Sundays 10-11:30AM Worship Service | 6-7:30PM Family Connect Groups | Mid-Week 6:30-8:00PM His Ways Journey Groups

 May 29, 2022

 9:55 AM

 3016 Selma St. Fort Worth, TX 76111

For over 18 years, Ravi has helped Christians and people new to Christianity understand the Bible and go deeper in their faith. His passion is for life-changing, transformational ministry where people can meet Jesus and have him change their world. Having come from a Hindu background, Ravi chose to study SystematicTheology  with an emphasis  on Missions so that he could not only learn sound doctrine, but to also teach it to others. After graduating from Bible School in Indonesia, Pastor Ravi has had the blessing of being able to serve in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. Not only is Pastor Ravi skilled in preaching and teaching, but has also lead worship teams across India, including leading city-wide evangelistic worship concerts. God has been good to Ravi, as he has recently immigrated to the United States to serve others alongside of his wife Cecilia. They have been together since 2019 and have recently married.