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Our main focus at Springdale is to become and to make disciples of Jesus by "Connecting with God, His Family, His Work and His Ways." As you move through our disciple-making process the step we call "His Ways" is where we want everyone to eventually arrive. This disciple-making step is where real disciples are made.
His Ways Journey Groups are modeled after Jesus' disciple-making process. Jesus did many things in His earthly ministry, but He did one thing that ensured His gospel would continue through the centuries. He gathered a small group around him and took them on a spiritual journey for an extended period of time. God tells us through the prophet Isaiah, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways ..." (Isaiah 55:8). On this journey, Jesus taught his disciples how to think God's thoughts and how to walk out life using God's ways.
Our goal in His Ways Journey Groups is to take a small group on a life-changing spiritual journey led by a mature, disciple of Jesus. Transformation, not just information, is our desired outcome. Using the spiritual disciplines that Jesus used (such as teaching, life-application, service, accountability, etc.) the group goes on a discipleship journey prayerfully asking the Holy Spirit to transform each life.
His Ways Journey Groups begin in September and last through May each year. There is a cost of time, commitment and money to go on these spiritual journeys.


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