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His Ways Journeys 2018-2019

led by Sandy Brewer and Meredith Malpass
What does living like Jesus look like in our world today? Do we have a
responsibility to our neighbor, the beggar on the street, or the people in
war-torn Syria? In “Love Does,” we will look at some of the issues of today
and see what our responsibility as a Christ-follower is and how we can
make a difference.

led by Barbara Gregory
We are made in the image of God; we were created to take responsibility
for certain tasks. Part of taking responsibility, or ownership, is knowing
what our job is and what it isn’t. It takes wisdom to know what we should be
doing and what we shouldn’t. We can’t do everything. The Boundaries
journey group will teach you when to say “yes” and how to say “no” to take
control of your life.

REAL LIFE with JESUS (Men's Group)
led by Jerry Campbell and Steve Bass
Life in the real world is where we all live. There are jobs to do, cars to
maintain, bills to pay, kids to raise, sicknesses to deal with, and once you
do all of that you wake up the next day and it all starts over. It’s easy to find
yourself asking: “How can I function well in the real world and truly be a
follower of Jesus?” On this journey we will discover how to be an “r12
Christian” and live a real life with Jesus full of peace, love, provision, and
God’s answers to life’s real questions. I invite you to join us and together
we will experience “Real Life with Jesus!”
OVERFLOW: The Life of a True Worshiper
led by Aundrea Campbell, Karen Bass, Judy Ries and Jennifer Davis
Our journey will be to discover what true worship is and how it is expressed
through our lives. Scripture tells us that God is seeking true worshipers who
will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23).Worship is that attitude of the
heart that overflows into every aspect of our lives. Join us on the journey to
become God’s true worshiper.


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